Tour in Kerala

Discover Kerala, South India

Breathtaking landscapes, tropical climate, captivating people, exotic cuisines, and the best resorts in South India: be amazed by the charms of Kerala!

Are you looking for something quiet, with a tropical climate and preferably a place with few people? Would it be great if this place had an intense contact with nature, the option of beaches or mountains at the same time, a preserved and remarkable culture, perhaps a beautiful touch of spirituality and, of course, sweet people to make your experience even more special?

So you just found it: this place, my friend, has a name and is called Kerala. Kerala is a state located in the extreme south of India where Mother Nature has not spared her generosity.

With international airports and flights arriving from Brazil with a small stopover in the United Arab Emirates, Kerala is the ideal place for almost every type of traveler. It is not for nothing that the state has a somewhat self-sufficient slogan: God's Own Country - “The country of God”, in translation.

Okay, if you are that person looking for crazy parties, radical adventures, or the convenience of large urban centers, Kerala will certainly not be the best option, but if you have any other profile, I guarantee you will surrender to the charms of this fascinating region.

Kochi - Kerala

You can be with your partner looking for a romantic destination or that perfect place for your honeymoon; You may have reached a certain age in which you fear living great adventures, but you still do not dispense with the most exotic places.

You may be tired of your stressful work routine and are looking for a place to travel alone and enjoy nature; Or, you may be the person who has always dreamed of knowing India but wants to find the ideal place to put fear aside and embark on his dream.

If you haven't fit any of these profiles yet, I will list here some reasons that will make you fall in love with Kerala :

The famous “Backwaters” channels

Anyone who has ever heard of Kerala in their lifetime must have heard about the popular “ backwaters ”, as the canals that start in the city of Alleppey and cross part of the state are known for. The canals are famous for traditional boat trips around the region and the fame is so great that you may not think it will live up to your expectations, but that's where you make a mistake!


Some people call backwaters “Indian Venice”. Although it is not fair to compare the two places that have such different beauties, as, in Venice, a boat trip through the canals is a must for anyone visiting the region.

The variety of boats is huge, for all tastes and pockets, from the most rustic and traditional to the 5-star vessels, with a spectacular infrastructure without losing authenticity.

Fisherman passing by the Backwaters in Kerala

It is difficult to say if it is due to the energy of nature, the tranquility of the local fishermen rowing their picturesque boats, the small villages that border the canals, the sunset that seems to envelop you like a mantra or if it is the unforgettable experience of being able to sleep in a houseboat in the middle of it all - yes, it is possible to sleep on the boats with the comfort of a hotel!

It's like you're put into a movie and I think it's the combination of all of that that makes this experience so perfect.

Flawless mountain tea plantations

As I said up there, Kerala pleases all tastes, and one of the reasons is that you can have the coastal heat and the cold of the mountains on the same trip.

Those who arrive in a cold climate will immediately fall in love with the warm climate of the beautiful mountain ranges in the regions of Wayanad and Munnar, filled with a huge variety of teas spread over 24 thousand hectares of plantations or an extremely well preserved unspoiled jungle.

Charming villages covered by clouds, sweet people who smile even with their eyes, a cool climate reminding visitors of the altitude where they are, impressive roads whose curves gain even more beauty with all the nuances of green, trails, and various activities that give visitors a even more intense contact with nature… Ahhh, nature!

The state is one of the few places in India where you can still find elephants living in the wild, as is the case with the Anayirangal Dam , whose name means "elephant descending" in the local language for a reason that, well ... you must imagine. The region is full of elephants that descend a real cliff to take water and bathe in the dam and, if you are lucky, you will be able to see them walking quietly with the family.

In addition to renewing your energies in nature and delighting with an infinity of local teas, you will also have the unique opportunity to visit plantations of all the spices that you can imagine - or that you cannot because there was a lot I saw there that I never imagined!

Kerala a romantic place

If you think of a romantic India , probably that great proof of love called Taj Mahal will cross your mind, but what few know is that one of the most romantic places in India is hidden farther south. What almost no one also knows is that romantic places are not just for couples.

If I were to choose a place to spend my honeymoon, I would love to be in an extremely romantic place, but I would certainly run away from places where there is nothing but newlywed couples. Kerala is the perfect balance to find romance without being cliché and having to share that whole atmosphere with hundreds of lovebirds in love.

In addition, a nice tip is that Kerala has very cheap flights to any couple's favorite destination: the Maldives Islands. It is even a great option for those looking for an alternative and cheaper way to fly to the archipelago and, in addition, you will discover one of the most fascinating cultures in the world!

From an impeccable reception with fresh coconut water and delicious Ayurvedic teas to the open-air bathroom or a luxurious tree house with monkeys jumping out of your window, Kerala gives a show of hospitality and makes what should be just an accommodation in a real experience.

Kumarakom Lake Resort

Most resorts in Kerala have a concept that prioritizes contact with nature, which is why it is so common to take a bath while watching the stars, to see a natural waterfall on your balcony, natural and handcrafted products valuing the local riches, the absence television in the rooms and any disposable material that pollutes the environment.

It is also part of the routine in these resorts to have a yoga and meditation session in the morning, a diet that helps to detoxify your body and soul, and instructions on how to take that vacation baggage back into your day-to-day life.

Healthy eating with aphrodisiac spices

All the generosity of nature in Kerala also brings the most varied and exotic spices to the gastronomic world, which is a delight apart - you can be sure that this paradise of aphrodisiac spices will not disappoint you.

South Indian cuisine is famous all over the country for its fresh spices and mix of flavors and aromas that transform every meal into an explosion of flavors and sensations. Before you ask yourself: yes, it is very spicy, but it is worth it!

Kerala is also one of the few places in India where the meat of all kinds can be found to eat, but it is the abundant seafood in the region that stands out in the kitchen - I can guarantee that this is where I ate the best fish of my life. The clear influence of Ayurvedic Medicine in every state also gives a natural and quite healthy touch to the food.

After enjoying so many typical dishes, the best part comes to THE SWEETS !!! (#formigafeelings) If you are a fan of sweets and spices like me, I only have a single tip about traditional Indian sweets: try it! With the exception of the ones made in the luxurious resorts , I admit that the appearance of the sweets is not that kind of thing, but do not waste time thinking a lot about whether it is good or not because you will not regret tasting it.

When is the best time to visit Kerala?

India is a country quite complicated to travel by very extreme difference in temperature between the north and south. In addition, India has a very marked rainy season, the monsoons, which make it impossible to travel to many parts of the country at a certain time of the year.

Basically, southern India has a tropical climate all year round. However, unlike Brazil and most countries, no one travels south in search of beaches during the summer.

It is a fact that the Indian people are not at all a fan of heat, but as in the south, the temperatures do not fluctuate so much during the year, what keeps the flow of tourists away are monsoons. Especially in the mountainous region of Kerala, the rains are severe and often even block the roads, so researching the monsoon season (which is always in the summer and varies according to the lunar calendar) is the most important factor before to plan your trip.

It is worth remembering that in India the seasons are the opposite of Brazil , so the best time to visit Kerala is between October and March, just like any other state in the southern region of India.